[RECIPE] Crispy Coleslaw with Orange Vinaigrette and Pepitas
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Crispy Coleslaw with Orange Vinaigrette and Pepitas

recipe side dish Jun 13, 2019

I used to HATE coleslaw.  It stems from being forced to eat the miracle whip laden coleslaw at daycare when I was a kid.  It wasn’t until recently I was brave enough to try it again.  Imagine my surprise that coleslaw can actually be DELICIOUS with the right ingredients!  This crispy coleslaw with orange vinaigrette and pepitas is perfect for your next summer barbeque!

My secret weapon is the orange muscat champagne vinegar I found at Trader Joe’s. 


If you can’t find it, an easy swap is fresh or bottled orange juice combined with white wine vinegar. 

It just has a hint of cumin in the dressing and it pairs well with my smoky citrus spatchedcocked chicken. If you don’t know what pepitas are, they are pumpkin seeds! The add a little extra texture to the slaw.


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