[RECIPE] Juicy Grilled Turkey Burger
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Juicy Grilled Turkey Burger

recipe side dish Jan 16, 2019

Turkey burgers do not have to be dry and tasteless. In fact, these juicy grilled turkey burgers are so flavorful, you will not miss beef a bit!  The last time I made these on a group camping trip, I had people asking me to come be their personal chef. As always, whenever my husband and I make meals, we always make extra to eat during the week.  These reheat up well and the kids like them!

The secret weapon to make them juicy and moist is very surprising–a flax egg.  

I discovered this because I have a food sensitivity to eggs.  Most turkey burger recipes have an egg to serve as a binder, but I needed a substitute.  You make a flax egg by soaking one tablespoon of ground flax seed in three tablespoons of warm water.  Stir and let it sit for about ten minutes. The flax egg made them more moist than the egg!

These burgers are also gluten free, as I use oat flour as an additional binder instead of panko.  So you have an added bonus of flax seed and oats for extra fiber.

The final key to making them moist is a mixture of 99/1 and 93/7 ground turkey.  

It makes them lower in fat with the mixture, but the 93/7 turkey adds moistness. I give these burgers a little zing with dijon mustard and prepared horseradish.  

They are pictured here with a slice of pepper jack cheese, chipolte barbeque sauce and homemade air fryer potato wedges. Give them a try and let me know what you think!


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