Lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days when nothing has been working, you’ve tried every diet & no matter how crazy your schedule is










Lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days when nothing has been working, you’ve tried every diet & no matter how crazy your schedule is


Don’t believe what you’ve heard about losing fat & improving your health over 40


You do NOT have to spend hours in the gym or starve yourself to see real results of losing inches, bloating & inflammation to feel like yourself again & enjoy life.


But, hey, don’t just take my word for it! Check out what my clients are saying!

"Join now, don’t wait. You won’t regret it. I have learned so much. This has been the first time of the many meal plans, diets and challenges I have done that I have felt that I can do this forever."

Megan, 42, lost 2.5 pounds & 5.5 inches

I have finally realized I CAN eat and lose, with a balanced approach. I have always resorted to fads or strict diet trends, only to stay on them just a few weeks and be frustrated.

Melanie, 49, lost 13 pounds & 6 inches

You can see results like them OR BETTER!


It all starts with cutting through all the B.S from social media & the DIE-t industry and following a proven plan designed specifically to help you lose inches & keep on losing instead of wasting your time & money.   


Which is why I can’t wait to share my simple process with you in this 30 Day group coaching program where I’m teaching you exactly how to replicate these client results step by step!

Learn my top nutrition secrets that have helped me lose fat over 40 & keep it off along with increasing my energy just by eating REAL food you can find in a grocery store your whole family will love even if you hate cooking



Significantly reduce the inflammation and puffiness in your body so you can make your clothes fit better and your body feel lighter. 

Understand what the hell is going on with your body over 40 & go from confused to confident about what to eat for fat loss & energy.

Have a realistic proven nutrition plan for your body over 40 to lose inches and maintain it

Eat REAL food that you find in a grocery store--no MLM systems or pre-packaged food to create a sustainable lifestyle. 


Carla lost 87 pounds & 4 feet off her body!

In 9 months all while working 50 + hours a week and being  single Mom of 2 girls using the principles I will teach you in the Fast Track To A Flat Belly in 30 Days Challenge. 


"The most valuable thing I learned was I can do hard things and it pays off."

Take the challenge ! You will be amazed at what you can do and the changes that can happen in your body without starving yourself!"
Sara, 41, lost 4.4 pounds

The Fast Track To Flat Belly in 30 Day Challenge is for you if...

You are tired of the diet roller coaster

and want a proven realistic & sustainable plan

You want accountability & support

Not just sent a plan and feeling overwhelmed & alone. 

You are ready to take back your life

and transform into your best Fit & Fabulous self, but don't know how. 

You want to learn how fat loss over 40 works

and not just be told what you can and cannot eat. 

You want to be able to ask questions

and get answers customized to you and your personal situation.

You want to learn how to lift weights

so you are doing the right type and right amount of exercise to firm up over 40. 

You want a program designed for midlife women

not some cookie cutter plan that only works for people in their 20's

Here's what you get! 

A 30 Day meal plan with grocery list & recipes you can make in 30 minutes or less ($250 value)

Food swap list for foods you don't like or can't have  ($50 value)

Private Facebook Group for weekly trainings on nutrition for fat loss over 40, perimenopause & hormones ($400 value)

30 day strength training program with live demos ($300 value)

Daily Voxer coaching for accountability, support & questions ($500 value)


Total Value $1500

  For Only $297!  

I just said enough. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being lazy. I'm sick of feeling overweight, feeling heavy and fat and sick of just being mad at myself

Working with you has been totally life changing. It really has because it's changed everything that I've been doing. It hasn't always been fun or definitely easy but understanding my body, understanding what needs to change.

I'm not procrastinating, I'm actually doing things, as far as working out & eating healthy. Definitely that has all changed. And then just believing in myself knowing that I can do it.

Lynae, 47 & Mom of 3


Check Out These Incredible Bonuses!

I get it and I've been there. 

Most women assume from looking at my social media that I've got it all together, that I bounce out of bed everyday with birds singing and have never had to struggle with my body or health.  Not true.  

If you saw me in my corporate office 6 years ago, you would see me with my hair falling out and desperately trying to cover it up with extensions, struggling to get through the day or holding a conversation because of massive brain fog and my body constantly felt exhausted, achy and inflamed. 

I knew something was wrong, but doctor after doctor did blood work, dismissed my symptoms and sent me on my way telling me "I was fine."

Nothing worked anymore. I didn't have the energy to bust my butt with running and boot camps and starving myself, well it got me into that mess.

Even worse, I was not showing up as my best self for my kids or husband. I was constantly irritable & snapping at everyone. I couldn't even stand myself.

I knew there had to be a better way and set out to do my own research and went through a long journey of trial & error.

I learned MORE is not necessary to lose fat and gain energy. That is what you are bombarded with marketers in the health industry. What is needed for you to gain back your vitality & create a body that feels beautiful to you is an entirely new approach to wellness using my REVIVE method. It is one based on you doing less.