What Women Are Saying

Are You FINALLY Ready To Feel Comfortable In Your Own Body And Wake Up Energized And Full Of Life Again just like my other clients?

Here are some of the results women have gained from the Forty Feels Fabulous Method.

Since I started working with Hilary at the end of September, I have lost 44.1 lbs and a total of 19.75 in.

My muscle percentage has increased 5% and my BMI has come down 6.1 points. But I think what is most shocking to me is my heart rate. My average heart rate before I met Hilary, was around 102 beats per minute. My minimum while sleeping, would never fall below 70. My average heart rate now is in the middle to low 80s.  While sleeping, my heart rate rests between 30 and 40 beats per minute every night. 

I can't believe how good I'm feeling! Hilary helped me focus on protein and making healthier choices and it is so nice to see it all coming together in the results!
~ Carla

"I found Hilary late one night on social media. I had an odd connection to not only what she was advertising, but another connection of understanding. I reached out to her and we connected via messenger. I felt that we had known each other for years. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and she understands. For me, I had gone through a lot medical confusion and was lost, for years. I put my trust in Hilary and it all started a journey beyond losing weight. I soon realized I couldn’t loose weight or focus on my health until I looked at my inner self. Hilary helped me realize that, so that is what we focused on. For others, this may not be a journey they need to go down, but for me, I need to go deep within my mental state and inner ego before I could fix my outside self.


At times, I would feel like I didn’t want to join my weekly call and then would have it and feel like I learned so much more and felt refreshed and renewed ready to take on the week as me.

She became a therapist, a dr, a coach and a friend all in one. Compassionate and understanding.

In the end, I lost 12 lbs, have so much more energy, with my thyroid med, I am not sleeping mid day, I am more consistent, I acknowledge and try to overcome my control, worry and procrastination daily and have the mental tools to do it.


Mostly, I learned so much about myself that I will take with me forever. Thank you for helping me find myself and leading me on a path to health and grace. "


~ Jessica W.