Go from feeling frumpy & frustrated to vibrant, energized & confident in your own body with the all in one high touch group coaching program using the VIBRANCY method.

Simplify Nutrition, Behaviors & Fitness Over 40 While Losing Fat & Gaining Energy.

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Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You are driven and successful, but often feel burnt out, exhausted and like you are just “existing” instead of really living which is keeping you from the next level of your career & life.

  • Often *if you’re being honest* could take a nap at random times of the day but struggle to sleep at night.

  • Have tried all sorts of FAD DIETS, pill & injections but are still STRUGGLING to lose weight.

  • Have gone to your doctor with concerns  only to be told that NOTHING is wrong with you and it's "only aging.

  • You feel like your body is betraying you and are tired of feeling like a human guinea pig. You’ve tried to get answers from the web and even medical professionals with zero help.

It’s time to stop trying “all the things” only to be left feeling frustrated & hopeless AGAIN.  You deserve to feel vibrant, energetic and like your best years are AHEAD of you.  
You can, with the VIBRANCY method!  


No more piecing things together hoping that something will work.   


Apply NOW for my 8 week exclusive all in one group coaching program where I teach you a proven simple & sustainable strategy for nutrition, fitness & behaviors designed for your busy life & changing body over 40 to help you lose fat & gain energy. 


  Transform for GOOD. 


Instead of focusing on treating the symptoms like insomnia, stubborn weight, low energy & motivation, gut issues and irritability, we focus on eliminating the root causes of why you feel like crap so you can create a body that feels beautiful to you. 

Since I started working with Hilary at the end of September, I have lost 75 pounds and 39 inches off my body.  

I've gone from a size 18 to an 8. 

I've never done anything more worthwhile than the time and money I've invested with you.  

You gave me my life back!  

~ Carla

In the end, I lost 12 lbs, have so much more energy, with my thyroid med, I am not sleeping mid day, I am more consistent, I acknowledge and try to overcome my control, worry and procrastination daily and have the mental tools to do it. Mostly, I learned so much about myself that I will take with me forever. Thank you for helping me find myself and leading me on a path to health and grace.


“I lost 13 pounds of body fat when in the past I would lose 2 to 3 pounds a week then gain it all back on the weekend.”

Before you came into my life, my weight just kept growing. Doctors weren’t helping me, they thought I was lying to them about how much I was eating and working out. What made your program different is it wasn’t just nutrition & exercise– everyone has that. It was the help with my hormones, how to manage my subconscious mind to prevent self sabotage and the accountability that helped me lose 16 pounds and keep it off.


“I lost 16 pounds, lost of inches and felt confident in a swimsuit at my destination wedding in Mexico”

I think the workouts are second to none. I can spend an hour at boot camp and not get the results that I did doing 20 minutes.

You made me dig deep to uncover what was holding me back and why I was self sabotaging. I used what I learned to improve my relationships with my kid, my husband and at work.


By the end of our time together you should expect to: 

  • Significantly reduce the inflammation and puffiness in your body so you can make your clothes fit better and your body feel lighter.
  • Eliminate the afternoon crash & constant need to take a nap
  • Lose pounds & inches and have a realistic, sustainable & proven plan to keep losing and maintain it

...More importantly, you will understand what is going on in your body and how to reverse it through holistic science based methods so that you can be more present with your family and be your more vibrant, confident & energetic self at any age.  

I get it and I've been there. 


Most women assume from looking at my social media that I've got it all together, that I bounce out of bed everyday with birds singing and have never had to struggle with my body or health.  Not true 

If you saw me in my corporate office 6 years ago, you would see me with my hair falling out and desperately trying to cover it up with extensions, struggling to get through the day or holding a conversation because of massive brain fog and my body constantly felt exhausted, achy and inflamed. 

The worst part was being snappy & irritable with my family and not fully being present because I felt like crap all the time.  

I knew something was wrong, but doctor after doctor did blood work, dismissed my symptoms and sent me on my way telling me "I was fine."

Nothing worked anymore.  I didn't have the energy to bust my butt with the old tactics of running boot camps and starving myself and in fact, I discovered those tactics were a major factor contributing to the mess my health had become.   

Through years of research and trial & error, I learned MORE is not necessary.  That is what you are bombarded with marketers in the health industry. What is needed for you to gain back your vibrancy & create a body that feels beautiful to you is an entirely new approach to wellness using my REVIVE method. It is one based on you doing less. 



What makes my program different? 

Instead of focusing on only ONE factor (like diet or exercise) that plays into fat loss & energy over 40, we work together to create a customized protocol for you that includes all crucial pillars of midlife health.  


Within the Vibrancy method we focus on physical and mindset behaviors to help you achieve the transformation you desire.  Transformation is an inside job. Within our work together you will learn the 3 step process to release limiting beliefs, trauma, and negative self talk. In order to create a body that feels beautiful to you from the inside out and sustain it for GOOD.


Instead of restricting calories and following fad diets, with the Vibrancy method you will learn how to nourish your body using real food you can find in a grocery store.  Using nutrition, you will learn how to heal your body systems at the core level and eliminate the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.  Say goodbye to rapid & stubborn weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability and insomnia and say HELLO to feeling energized again as your best self!



Instead of working AGAINST your body with non stop cardio, the Vibrancy method teaches you how to work SMARTER, not HARDER with fitness designed to firm up your body over 40, increase your metabolism & energy and optimize your hormones so you can look & feel fit & lean.