Mind set Makeover: Your brain is gaslighting your fat loss
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MINDSET MAKEOVER: Your subconscious brain is sabotaging your fat loss progress

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2022

Do you do this too? πŸ‘‰See some progress with your fat loss and doubt yourself? Maybe you tell yourself...

🚫It's not enough

🚫The scale didn't move though.

🚫It won't last anyway

🚫That can't be right--it must be a mistake.

I used to do this and it was the reason why I would throw all my good intentions out the window, go off the rails with my food, then feel like an absolute pile of poo and "start over Monday."

The reason I ask is it happened to my client Dawn. After 12 weeks she has lost 4 inches off her waist and 2.5 off her hips. Her stomach feels less bloated every day and clothes are fitting different.


But when she sent me her measurements she was doubting herself. Like she can't believe that it was right.

She told me she couldn't believe that her hard work was paying off.

And this is the critical turning point in most women's journey.

Many women believe the lies their brain tells them and go back to old habits. It's easy to fall into this trap if you don't have a coach helping you see the truth and overcome self sabotage.

There is nothing wrong with you--your subconscious mind is trying to keep you safe. It believes that your old habits and behaviors are the key to your survival and any change in that threatens it.

The key to fat loss is repeating the same new, small habits over and over consistently to equal huge results, but most women never get that far.

You don't have the tools or support to push past your mind screwing you over and getting in your own way. 

Have you ever doubted your progress? COMMENT BELOW 

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