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Thai Coconut Turkey Meatballs

main dish recipe Oct 21, 2019

Sometimes I get tired of turkey burgers and taco meat.  I came across a recipe for Thai Coconut meatballs in the cookbook Make Ahead Paleo and decided I needed to get out of my turkey rut.


As usual, I tweaked the recipe to suit my needs.  I used what ingredients I had on hand and I know my family likes.  Everyone loved these, even my youngest who isn’t too fond of spicy.  I ate these over green beans, but it’s excellent over rice and noodles.  The sauce is so tasty and easy to make.

Thai kitchen green curry paste, sambal oelek and minced ginger

These 3 ingredients made the recipe really easy.  I love the jarred mince ginger–it’s really a time suck during the week to peel and mince ginger, even though I love the taste and health benefits!

In the cookbook, the author cooks the meatballs in the slow cooker.  I wanted them done fast, so I broiled them for only 12 minutes and just poured the sauce over the meatballs afterwards.  Super fast, tasty and easy!

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Beef and Black Bean Chili with Cilantro-Lime Cream

Living in Arizona, it does not get cool until Halloween.  Until then—it is hot. Too hot!  So I have a little tradition of making some kind of stew or chili to let Fall know we are ready for her.  I came across a recipe for brisket and black bean chili in my Southern Living magazine and adjusted it for my family’s budget and tastes.  So here it is–my Welcome Fall beef and black bean chili with cilantro cream!

The original recipe called for brisket, but it was super expensive–$30-$40 per package!  Instead, I used top round that was much more in line with our budget. To make it gluten free, I replaced the flour in the recipe with arrowroot powder.

I amped up the flavor with more spices than it called for, such as chipotle pepper, garlic powder and smoked paprika.  Instead of regular tomatoes, I used these Rotel chipotle tomatoes for a smoky flavor.


Chipotle tomatoes

I made this in my Instant pot pressure cooker on the...

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Sesame Ginger Ahi Tuna

main dish recipe side dish Aug 30, 2019

It is very hard to get good seafood in a land locked state such as Arizona.  So when I see wild caught seafood on sale, I try to take advantage of it! Despite lack of good seafood, our whole family does love it, even our sons.  

This Sesame Ginger Ahi Tuna is really quick to make–you could even work it in as a weeknight meal!

I marinate the fish with a mixture of tamari, sesame oil, chili garlic sauce, lime juice and ginger.  I just put the ingredients in my Ninja blending cup and put the fish and marinade in a ziploc bag.

You can let it sit for as little as 30 minutes, but we prefer a couple of hours or more.

Next, my husband grills this rare to medium rare. We do like sushi around here!  But if you are squeamish about this, feel free to grill longer, but I feel it takes away some of the flavor.  

While the ahi is marinating,  I prepared roasted broccoli and steamed brown rice.  I seasoned the broccoli with the same flavors as the...

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Grilled Summer Squash, Corn and Pesto Salad

recipe side dish Jul 31, 2019

Living in Arizona, summer weather comes early.  It’s been in the 70’s and 80’s here in March, so I was inspired to create an easy side dish incorporating grilled zucchini and summer squash.  

This grilled summer squash, corn and pesto salad is a great addition to your meal prep routine, for a potluck or summer barbeque.  

I wanted to try my hand at making homemade vegan pesto, which was way easier than I realized, and decided it would make a good addition to this dish.  The pesto was so easy, I just threw all the ingredients in a food processor and it was ready in minutes! I was able to freeze the rest for using in future recipes.  

I halved the zucchini and squash, placed them in a ziploc bag, added olive oil, white wine vinegar and some Italian seasoning.

My husband grilled the squash for a few minutes until crisp tender, but you could easily broil them instead.  

Corn is not yet is season, so I used a bag of frozen corn....

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The Best Chocolate Chip Pancakes

breakfast recipe Jul 10, 2019

Making pancakes for my family on the weekend brings back warm memories from childhood.  Does anyone else feel this way? It was cold cereal and toast for breakfast during the week, but if I was lucky, my Mom would break out the Bisquick and whip up some pancakes for us.  Well, I was all out of Bisquick this weekend and my boys requested pancakes on Easter Sunday. So as I tend to do, I tweaked a pancake recipe I had clipped from Food Network Magazine.

My boys and husband declared these were the best chocolate chip pancakes I’ve ever made.  

These pancakes are not my usual fare.  They contain gluten and dairy, but they are melt in your mouth delicious! To make them extra decadent, I added a cup of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips into the batter as well. Be sure not to over mix the batter–just until all ingredients are moistened.

 The key to making these light and fluffy pancakes is to separate the eggs and beat the egg whites...

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Slow Cooker Green Chile Shredded Chicken

I have experimented with several shredded chicken recipes in my slow cooker and this by far is the easiest.  This slow cooker green chile shredded chicken is a favorite of both my husband and kids.  It is so versatile, you can eat it in a burrito bowl, burrito, tacos, on a salad or just plain with a scoop of guacamole!  There are just 6 ingredients and the prep time literally takes 10 minutes, tops.


I used bone in half chicken breasts.  I have found that this cut of chicken is by far the most inexpensive and because it’s bone in and skin on, turns out really tender and moist in the slow cooker.  The key to super flavorful and tender chicken is marinating it the night before. I love these McCormick marinade packets—we always have them on hand.  They are a must for grilling!

Marinade packet for slow cooker green chile shredded chicken recipe

I mix the marinade directly in an extra large Ziploc bag.  I throw the marinade packet, the juice of two limes and about...

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Crispy Coleslaw with Orange Vinaigrette and Pepitas

recipe side dish Jun 13, 2019

I used to HATE coleslaw.  It stems from being forced to eat the miracle whip laden coleslaw at daycare when I was a kid.  It wasn’t until recently I was brave enough to try it again.  Imagine my surprise that coleslaw can actually be DELICIOUS with the right ingredients!  This crispy coleslaw with orange vinaigrette and pepitas is perfect for your next summer barbeque!

My secret weapon is the orange muscat champagne vinegar I found at Trader Joe’s. 


If you can’t find it, an easy swap is fresh or bottled orange juice combined with white wine vinegar. 

It just has a hint of cumin in the dressing and it pairs well with my smoky citrus spatchedcocked chicken. If you don’t know what pepitas are, they are pumpkin seeds! The add a little extra texture to the slaw.

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Asian Ground Turkey Stir Fry

main dish recipe Mar 07, 2019

I recently discovered that my two boys love bok choy.  So I will take advantage of any opportunity for them to eat more vegetables!  This Asian ground turkey stir fry comes together in about 20 minutes.

Stir fries are a quick and easy way to pair lean protein and vegetables for an easy weeknight meal.  

The last time I was at Trader Joe’s I ran across washed baby bok choy and it immediately went into my cart.  Being pre washed saves down on prep time, which is always a plus in my book. I paired the bok choy with zucchini and onion along with a package of ground turkey breast I had in the fridge.

Store bought stir fry sauces are laden with preservatives, sodium and sugar.  Whipping one up at home really is simple.

I combined soy sauce, coconut aminos, chicken broth, Sambal Oelek, garlic, jarred minced ginger (another time saver), rice vinegar, Chinese 5 spice powder and corn starch in my Ninja blending cup, blended it for 30 seconds and I was done!...

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Spanish Cauliflower Rice

recipe side dish Mar 06, 2019

My oldest son is obsessed with Spanish Rice.  However, I am always trying to find ways to sneak more veggies into his diet.  This Spanish Cauliflower Rice is inspired from our favorite Mexican takeout place, but is a healthy, grain free alternative to that classic dish.

I cut a head of cauliflower into florets, washed and then pulsed them in a food processor.  However, if you are super rushed on time or just do not want to mess with those extra steps, pick up some frozen cauliflower rice at Trader Joe’s or from Bird’s Eye at your local grocery store.

Frozen cauliflower rice

To season this dish, I used my own homemade taco seasoning blend that is preservative and MSG free.  It’s great to have on hand for my Green Chile Chicken Stew and for a quick turkey taco meat.  This Spanish Cauliflower Rice is perfect for Taco Tuesday, or for the base of a homemade burrito bowl.

Do you make cauliflower rice?  What is your favorite way to prepare it?

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Shrimp Ceviche

main dish recipe Jan 29, 2019

If you have tried any of my recipes, you know our family has a thing for Mexican food.  Here in Arizona, we are so close to the Mexican border and are spoiled with amazing, authentic Mexican food.  My husband and I enjoy Baja style Mexican food the most, and this shrimp ceviche is a perfect example of fresh ingredients paired with seafood.  What’s even better is you don’t have turn on your oven to create this low calorie meal!

What we like best about Baja style Mexican food is it tends to be lighter and healthier.  Mexican food can get really heavy and calorie laden with rich sauces, oodles of cheese and high fat cuts of meat.  Baja style puts an emphasis on fresh vegetables and seafood.

I get to take a break from the kitchen with this recipe, as it’s my husband Dean’s specialty!  A lot of chopping of vegetables is required, so the whole family can get involved to make it go faster.

We like to eat this shrimp ceviche with corn...

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